Why did the Umbraco pet project uHangout die?

Hello I am back!
It’s been a while since I wrote something & I think blogging in general is slowly dying out, so I am gonna try & make a more conscious effort to blog quick snippets or things I learn as I enjoyed doing this in the past, so hopefully you can see more in the future.

So where have I been for the last 18 months or so… well I started working for Umbraco HQ helping to build great software be it the core CMS product, the Cloud platform or the addon products such as Forms & Deploy (TAFKA Courier), with a very talented & passionate team that I am so lucky to work alongside and learn so much from.

Previous to working at Umbraco HQ, I would actively work on pet projects be it small packages coded in a few evenings or lunchtimes to larger projects such as uHangout.

What is uHangout?

uHangout was a project I decided to create one lunchtime around September of 2013, I fired up a Google Hangout On Air session and invited someone in the Umbraco community to come talk about their Umbraco project & why it was so neat, where we streamed it live on YouTube. From there the idea just grew into a community show & tell. This was mostly involving new packages being built, as at the time & still today the Umbraco community site our.umbraco.org has a rapidly increasing amount of packages and it’s hard to keep up with whats new.

Why did the project die?

So you may be wondering why the project came to an abrupt end? With the last episode being aired last August. Well this happened due to a number of different things:

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Time to say goodbye…for now

Hello all
I have not written a blog post for a little while but I thought I’ll cobble this together on the commute into London.

It’s time to say goodbye to uHangout for this year, but don’t worry it’s not going away permanently it’s that uHangout & me will be taking a little well deserved break.

This is mainly because I am stepping away from the lovely Umbraco Gold Partner gang that is The CogWorks and in doing so I am taking a little ‘me’ time between now; well tomorrow & when my new role starts in January.

So it made sense for uHangout to take a break so that I can recharge my batteries, pump up that enthusiasm and ensure the uHangout pet project gets a bit more love and that the annoying tech issues become less frequent than they currently are!

So in the new year I am so happy to announce that I will be returning to work with the awesome guys & gals over at Umbraco to help continuing to deliver a great CMS that we all love to use.

I am sad to be leaving my CogWorks family and has been loads of fun, so if you are on the lookout for a new Umbraco role and want to work with a great team building some neat websites then make sure to get in touch with Anthony Dang or Adam Shallcross

With me joining Umbraco the uHangout project will not turn into a corporate marketing show; not that Umbraco is even ‘corporate’ in that sense that of the way. This will still a pet project of mine which I will still be talking with the fantastic members of the Umbraco community about their packages & latest contribution in this show & tell format.

So with me taking a bit of hiatus I will be spending some good family time and going completely dark, so don’t expect me to reply to tweets and emails so that I can fully disconnect from our busy world that we all work in to become a fully rested & recharged Warren ready to deliver great stuff in the new year!

So don’t panic I have not run away or got hit by a bus!

With that all said & done it’s time to say goodbye….for now.
Warren x