Umbraco MVC: What on earth is a surface controller?

Continuing the Umbraco MVC blog post series we will look at Surface controllers in this post and find out what the heck they are why they are so important when building Umbraco MVC websites.

Read on to find out how to implement your very own surface controllers.

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Umbraco MVC: Is the macro as useful in V6 with Partials?

Following on from my previous blog post on Umbraco MVC, where we got MVC setup in Umbraco and created nested templates. In this next post in this series, I will talk about adding dynamic functionality to your website such as a simple navigation and discuss that perhaps that the Umbraco Macro is no longer needed as much as we have used it before. So carry on reading to find out why that the Umbraco macro is perhaps on it last legs in my opinion.

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Umbraco MVC: First Steps

Like most people we fear change, but that should not be the case with the switch from WebForms to MVC in Umbraco. I’ve made the switch and am glad I have done it. In this blog series I will go through common scenarios to make us all feel better about MVC with Umbraco.

So carry on reading on to find out how to take our initial baby steps towards a better and happier development life with Umbraco MVC.

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