We are Umbraco Craftsmen

I recently gave a talk at the annual Umbraco Developer Conference CodeGarden, about ‘The Analytics for Umbraco Story’. In this talk I discussed that we are all digital craftsmen.

Why should we be Umbraco Craftsmen?

In my talk I said we should all become highly skilled craftsmen for our Umbraco sites that we build for our clients, as opposed to be the generic handyman who does lots of things but none of them too well.

In the case of building Umbraco websites & ensuring you are the skilled craftsman as opposed to the general handyman, is that as opposed to building & crafting the Umbraco back-office editor experience with a ton of textboxes or off the shelf packages that do not quite meet you or your clients needs is not a good way to go, but instead we should love our editors & clients who will be using the back-office and think about their needs & requirements to design an easy to use along with a beautiful interface.

Let’s take a look at an example…

Bad experience

It’s all too easy to be lazy and build quick & dirty experiences for our editors, I would like to give a example of bad editor experience in my opinion (obviously you may disagree).

Storing a location for a Google Map with Latitude, Longtiude, Zoom Level all as textboxes

As Michael Scott says, Just No
Just No

Better experience

A better experience would be to have a single property editor that allows the content editor to search for a location and fine tune the location by dragging & dropping a marker on a Google map.

Obviously this is a very simple example that has been made better, but try and think if you can give your editors an easier or a more visual way to use the back-office for their needs. Now in V7 of Umbraco its very simple to extend the Umbraco back-office with HTML, CSS & JS with AngularJS. So start thinking how you could start crafting & tailoring Umbraco to fulfil your clients needs today.

As Brent says, Oh Yes!
Oh Yes


I want to give kudos to other speakers from CodeGarden that had similar views & opinions on this matter and I recommend you watch Marc Stöcker’s session on The Dark Side of The Moon, along with Niels & Per’s session Thinking in Seven. As you can tell from these sessions there seems to be a strong mutual agreement that you need to be thinking more about user experience for your editors using the back-office.

CodeGarden Presentation

Without further ado, you can watch my entire session I gave at CodeGarden14 & learn more about becoming an Umbraco Craftsman with a hands on examples of how to extend & customise the backoffice based of the Google Analytics package I have made for Umbraco.


For anyone interested here is the associated slidedeck with my presentation that I gave: http://warrenbuckley.co.uk/talks/Umbraco-CG14-Analytics/public/

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