Tea Commerce – Certified Developer

Well I have just got back into The Cogworks office after having two days out to do some training in one of the most popular E-Commerce packages, Tea Commerce for Umbraco which is from the fantastic Danish developers Anders Burla Johansen & Rune Grønkjær over at Tea Solutions.

First of all I have to say I have no commercial experience with building e-commerce websites, so going on a two day course to learn how to build E-Commerce websites using my favorite and flexible CMS Umbraco was a very exciting prospect.

The course itself was very well structured and thought out and Anders from Tea Commerce taught us on day one how to build a very simple WebShop using Tea Commerce using some of the basic APIs and on the second day we learnt about product variants, multilingual and the more advanced .NET APIs along with the very clean and well structured JavaScript API.

My colleague at The CogWorks is a big fan of version one of Tea Commerce and was keen to hear about my experience of using version two of Tea Commerce at the training. My colleague previous niggle was that there was little or no documentation that he could easily find. I can proudly say to him now that the guys from Tea Commerce have put a lot of effort into this with thorough documentation across all of their APIs with good real world examples that allow a quick copy and paste coding if you wish to.

So after two fantastic days with Anders and a bunch of other Umbraco developers we can now all proudly say we are now certified Umbraco Tea Commerce Developers!

Warren Buckley is a Tea Commerce Certified Developer
Warren Buckley is a Tea Commerce Certified Developer

I can highly recommend this course if you are considering getting into the world of E-Commerce with Umbraco and is well worth the money and the two days out of the office to learn something new & exciting.

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